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Our 'Gîte'

In Breton,  "TY" (pronounce tee), means "the house"… 4 walls,a window, a door, a roof… The 3 little pigs had a "ty plouz" (house made of straw), a "ty spern" (house made of wood), and a "ty brik" (house made of bricks).  Ours is made of stones (ty maen)

Upon our return to France, some of my students asked me if they could continue     to   have French lessons with me on Skype, which we did.


A few of them then asked me if they could maybe come to visit Brittany and have lessons with me at the same time. That's when the idea came to my mind to offer immersion stays.

When we did the plans for our house, we therefore decided to add self contained accommodation so that we could accommodate the students.

It took a few years to renovate the house entirely, then Covid came, but now we're ready!

We've since then had several people staying and I must say I loved the experience, and so did the students :).

French people were also interested by the idea and asked me if I could do the same, in English. as the whole family is bilingual. 



Our house is about 2 kilometres from St Jean Brévelay, a small traditional breton village of 3000 inhabitants.

We're only 20 minutes' drive from Vannes, a beautiful medieval city, about 40 minutes from Carnac, famous pre-historic site, and close to many beautiful historic landmarks and natural places of interest.

The "gîte" is in a quiet environment, as we're surrounded by fields, and it's also close to all facilities you might want to find in a village (supermarket, bank, bakeries, etc...)

You can actually access the village on foot, and you can go for walks around the property, to see the river and a deer farm nearby.

The 'gîte'

The 'gîte' is part of the main house, but has a separate entrance.

Downstairs, you will find an open room with lounge, kitchen and dining room.

Upstairs, you will find

- a bedroom with a double bed and a single bed

- a bedroom with a double bed

- a bathroom. (with washing machine)

You will also have access to your own private deck.

You can follow this link to access more photos:


(Don't take any notice of the calendar shown on AirBnb for your immersion dates, please contact me.)


Maison entiere.jpg

Our house before the renovation

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