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Immersion stays start on Sunday evening and end on Saturday morning.

After one week with me, you will start thinking and dreaming in French.

You will not only improve your language skills, but you will also understand the French culture better.

Let's see how I can help you achieve that:


After an initial evaluation of your French, I will establish a program based on your level of grammar, pronounciation, oral and written comprehension, etc...

Having learnt a few languages myself, I will be able to use my knowledge to help you navigate the subtleties of the language.

You will have 15 hours of one-to-one French lessons during the week, but you may add more lessons if you wish to.

On top of the lessons, you will also speak French every minute spent with me and my family.

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My great great grand-parents used to live here, so I will be able to share my knowledge of the breton traditions with you.

Together, we can collect fresh veggies from the garden, gather the eggs, and cook a traditional French meal.

You will also get to cook your own galettes,

We could do painting together (I'm still a beginner though), or go for long walks in the lovely countryside nearby if you like walking.

During our initial interview, we will decide together what YOU would like to do during your stay. Many options are available.

Extra activities I can organise for you:

Lasergame, karting, sailing, kayaking, zoo, tour on the Golfe du Morbihan, Spa and massage treatments, Discovery of the breton costumes and initiation to breton dancing...


​I've lived in the area all my childhood, so I can show you not only the touristic areas, but also the ones that are less known.


A few ideas,

Medieval cities


Traditional little harbours

The islands on the Golfe du Morbihan.

Beautiful beaches

The famous alignments of Carnac,

Museums (préhistoire/war, and others)

Outdoor photography exhibition

Religious sites

Artisans villages (glassblower, jewlery maker, etc) ,

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