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What is there to say? There are so many places to visit or things to experience in Brittany. Together, we could go and visit Vannes, a beautiful medieval city, or Carnac, or Josselin, or Rochefort-en-terre (voted one of the best villages in France), or one of the islands on the Golfe du Morbihan, or maybe go to the beach in the summer!

We will decide together what you would prefer to visit or do.

Of course, we will only speak French, while we're out. Don't forget that you're coming to visit me to study, not only for fun! :)

Events in 2023:

Illuminations de Noël: 1st December to 7th January

in 2024:

Fête bretonne: 21st April

Festival du livre: 24th-26th May

Fête de la musique, around 21st June

Fêtes médievales de Josselin, 14th July

Festival interceltique : 12th to 18th August

Festival d'Arvor: 2nd to 4th August



Very dynamic medieval city


One of the chateaux of the Duc de Rohan, and the Nantes to Brest canal, built under Napoleon.



The 7.000 year old prehistoric stones in Carnac

St Goustan.jpg


Small traditional harbour

ile au moines.webp

Ile aux moines

Visit one of many islands on the Golfe du Morbihan

Musée du Poète ferrailleur

Enter the imagination of a poet.

Le poete ferrailleur.jpg

Musée de Poul Fetan

Come and see how Bretons used to live

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