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Bonjour !

My name is Florence and I would like to invite you to come and share my French life in Brittany.


I've always had a passion for languages.

I've studied English and Spanish at school then at university, and then I was lucky to be given Italian lessons by the Italian company I worked for in Sydney.

I can therfore relate to you, understand what you're going through, and adapt my teaching to the way you progress.

I have been teaching French, first in Australia then in France, since 2008 and English since 2013.

My family

My husband is Australian, and we have two children, Leyla, born in 2005 and Luca, born in 2008. They are both bilingual, as they were born and have spent their first few years in Australia. Leyla has just started studying in Lille, so you might not see her, but both children will share meals with us,  if they're available.

My mum and dad also live nearby, so we will go and visit them on a few occasions. The more you talk to various people, the best exposure you will get.

We also have a female dog, Maia, and a cat, Pixelle.

My career

I've spent my first 26 years near Vannes,

I've worked for a few tourism companies as a teenager, during the summer holidays, and then went on working for Brittany Ferries, then 5 star hotels in London.  I then decided to work in export, and did that for 15 years, in England then Australia.

After I had the children, I started teaching French in Australia, then English and French back in France.

My Travels

I love travelling and meeting new people. With my parents, we used to go travelling every summer with our caravan, in France and in many European countries. 

I've also spent a year in Los Angeles as an exchange student (at Occidental College in Pasadena) and worked as an au-pair in Rugby, in England.

My husband and I met in London a few years later, and spent 6 months backpacking in South America, and 6 months backpacking in Europe together.

We then decided to go and settle in Australia, where we lived in Sydney for 6 years, then Lake Macquarie (1h30 north of Sydney) for 6 years. We came back to France in 2013.

Do you want to know more about us? Let's talk about it in French!

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